Seatbelts - Joy Ride

Detroit's Seatbelts originally formed in 1977 and were a regular in the city's early punk club scene, with various members coming, going and returning. 
The band reformed in 2010 and played to a packed club, firing on all 8 cylinders, delivering their inimitable Detroit rock & roll with all first-era members Greg Upshur (vocals), Skid Marx (bass), Tony Bojanic (drums). Rick Mills (guitar) and Chris Flanagan (guitar).
Decades in the making, here's their first album, recorded in 2013 with material that ranges from early Seatbelts' classics like "I Want To Marry Patti Smith" and "Baby, Baby, Baby" to recent compositions like the pounding groove of "Age Group Rocker" . 
Buckle up and take a Joy RIde with The Seatbelts!!!

"Mills and fellow guitarist Chris Flanagan indulge in some frantic and frenetic, borderline obscene riffs that convey in vivid and lurid detail the very vibe one would wallow within if a joy ride were on the agenda." 
- Brett Callwood, City Slang

1. Joy Ride
2. American Bandstand
3. Age Group Rocker
4. Callin' Out
5. Daredevil Baby
6. In a Cloud
7. Girl Off the Street
8. I Want to Marry Patti Smith
9. Loves Gone Bad
10. My Little F4
11. Untrue
12. Workin' the Line
13. Baby, Baby, Baby

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