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About Us

Everyone at Street Corner Music works here because they love music. That's not to say that everyone here loves ALL types of music. That's why we have different people who are into different things, who specialize. WHAT WE ALL DO ENJOY is listening to music and finding music for people. Finding long lost items for people is the fun part of working at a record store. Watching someone flip over something they've been looking for is a supreme kick for us. Special orders and search services are part of the Street Corner Music credo too. If you don't see what you want on our website it could be that we have been too busy helping customers to enter everything in. Some facts about Street Corner Music:
  1. We are one of the largest jazz/R&B/Urban music stores in the Detroit area and have been in business since 1992.
  2. We are a one store operation who's owners work full time at the store.
  3. We stock thousands of new cds of all types, import and domestic, from commercial hit artists to obscure unknowns.
  4. We stock tens of thousands of used LPs/45s and CDs and have a reputation as "the place to find hard to find and cheap stuff".
  5. We buy and sell used music as well as new. If you are interested in selling a collection, please contact us. We're always looking for more.
Detroiters have always been heavy music loving, music buying folks. They've been good to us and kept Street Corner Music going for 20 years (thank you). You may notice a large amount of Detroit artists listed on this site. It seemed like a good idea. But our inventory is much more... Rock/Motown/Philly/Funk/Northern soul/Be-Bop jazz/Smooth jazz/Hip Hop/Neo soul and more... Please stay tuned and check back in the future for our expanded site. Chris & Mike & loyal staff.