Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - The Kid

A1 I Am A Thought
A2 An Intention
A3 A Kid
A4 In The World
B1 I Am Consumed
B2 In The World But Not Of The World
B3 I Am Learning
B4 To Follow And Lead
C1 Until I Remember
C2 Who I Am Why I Am Where I Am
D1 I Am Curious I Care
D2 I Will Make Room For You
D3 To Feel Your Best

From WesternVinyl.com:

2017 sees the welcomed continuation of Smith’s output, The Kid, an album that climbs to the peaks of its forerunner and astonishingly continues upward. The Kid aurally maps the emotional realities and spiritual epiphanies of a lifeform through its infancy, societal assimilation, and eventual self-remembrance, conjuring each phase with psychoacoustic eloquence. On her newest LP Smith challenges her listeners to entertain new paradigms of listenership by drawing our attention to multiple elements simultaneously, as if-- in her words-- “listening to two conversations at once.”

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