Lay'na Michelle - Blu3 Dr3am Ave EP

Lay'na Michelle - Blu3 Dr3am Ave

Influenced by the musical background of her city, Lay’na Michelle decided to follow her dreams of becoming a well known and respected R & B artist. She’s been on over 65 stages, hosted 10 of her own events, and is always ready to use her sultry voice to up lift her environment in any way that she can. Knowing that there are many obstacles to reach her goal, Lay’na Michelle is not giving up. When asked who would she compare herself to in today’s industry she will happily tell you with a smile, “you listen and tell me for yourself”. After listening to her audiences agree “the empress has a voice like no other”.


  1. Blu3 Dr3am Ave
  2. You Are A Star
  3. Battle Scars
  4. Catch 22 ft. C-Lay
  5. Drink It Up
  6. High
  7. 2 Nite ft. C-Lay
  8. Let The Games Begin
  9. Growing Pains ft. Atlas Telamon
  10. It's Not That ft. C-Lay

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