Bobby Taylor - Motown Anthology

Another rock solid release from Motown UK this time focusing on the criminally slept on Bobby Taylor. This two disc set contains 46 tracks of strong soul from this West Coast act. Features the Detroit favorites "Melinda" and "Does Your Mama Know About Me" along with 44 other classics. And yeah, THE Tommy Chong was in the band. An in-store favorite.

Track Listing (2 Disc Set)

  1. Does Your Mama Know About Me
  2. So This Is Love
  3. I Am Your Man
  4. I Heard It Through the Grapevine
  5. Malinda
  6. Fading Away
  7. You Gave Me Someting (And Everything's Alright)
  8. It's Growing
  9. One Girl
  10. Try a Little Tenderness
  11. Day by Day or Never
  12. If You Love Her
  13. Out in the Country
  14. Oh, I've Been Blessed
  15. How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone
  16. My Girl Has Gone
  17. Eleanor Rigby
  18. I Just Can't Carry On
  19. I Need to Belong to Someone
  20. Don't Be Afraid
  21. One Too Many Heartaches
  22. It Should Have Been Me Loving Her
  23. Little Miss Sweetness
  24. Serve Yourself a Cup of Happiness
  25. Blackmail
  26. Hey Lordy
  27. Just a Little Bit Closer
  28. Memories
  29. All I Need
  30. Weekend Vacation
  31. Soul Man
  32. Harlem
  33. Meeting Over Yonder
  34. I Should Have Known It Was You My Love
  35. Sometimes I Wonder
  36. I Can Feel the Pain
  37. A Little Too Much
  38. Two Sides to Love
  39. Child of Tears
  40. Further Up the Road
  41. Where Would I Be Without You Baby
  42. Grandma's Hand
  43. (In Other Words) Fly Me to the Moon
  44. Park St. Bridge
  45. Look Before You Leap
  46. The Bigger You Love the Harder You Fall

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